Friday, March 30, 2007


I have a couple of minor things to constitute an update, at least enough to keep the page active.

I'll be taking a break from Monday karaoke in the coming week but the weekly event will resume the following Monday 9 April. This Monday Tasty World will have a benefit for Nuci's Space, which is always a good cause. I was told I could put on a short karaoke set after the bands play but I decided that a window of under 90 minutes doesn't really warrant bringing the kit up, especially if there's a full band breaking their gear down while I'm waiting, so my choice is to get some rest and work more of a full day on Tuesday for a change.

When my karaoke night resumes, please be reminded that there is never a cover for it; charging people to participate in a karaoke night is entirely against my principles. What I need is for everyone to simply buy from the bar, tip the bartender and make it a night of fun.

In news of Distaster proper, I've had a really good spell of songwriting creativity lately and I hope to have some rough mixes to share soon. I may even premiere one or two new Distaster songs in the course of a karaoke night, which is just the beginning of the expanded possibilities of my open format on Mondays; it is by no means limited exclusively to karaoke as you know it.

Anyway, that's what's happening at the moment. Talk at you all soon.

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