Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Many warm thanks to my old friend and fellow traveler Gordon Lamb for his kind words in this week's Flagpole. All I did was tell him I had some songs posted. It feels good to have new press again.

Monday, November 08, 2004

New Singles and Temporary Web Site 

I have set up a temporary Distaster web site and uploaded two complete songs as Internet-only singles.

"Almost Like Another Day" is a holiday song from "A Very Lester Xmas," a collection of all-original holiday-oriented songs. This is the second demo vocal mix and was actually made last year.

"Spartanburg" is one of two songs I recorded with Asa Leffer on 14 July this year. I would have announced it here sooner but that was also the day I quit Tasty World and I just never got around to updating this page after that. I think I also wanted to release a mix of this song closer to this part of the year anyway. This is an unmastered rough mix made at the session. We recorded and mixed both songs in all of 3 hours.

I hope you like them. Please share with your friends.

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