Wednesday, February 04, 2004

For Clarity

Yes, Distaster is the name of both an act and a record label, both mine.

New Directions

So now that "A Very Lester Xmas" has come and gone, it's time to get out the non-holiday music and to present the new act Distaster. The format will remain open-ended as I care much more about the performance of songs than I do about being part of some homogeneous, monolithic band. In other words, I never again want to be only as good as the weakest member of whatever band I'm in, an all-too-frequent experience in the past. I know I can count on Rob Malone to work with me; beyond that it's just whoever I can get to help at the time. Machines make good helpers, too. All I need to do now is to catch Murphy when he has the Tasty World calendar in front of him.

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