Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Continuing Progress

It looks like my holiday show at Tasty World will go through after all. We're not sure what day it will be exactly but it'll fall somewhere from Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 December. The event will be named "A Very Lester Xmas" and I'll have free egg nog available at the show.

I found a good little drum program for free on the net called Hammerhead, which will run on the slower computer that I make music on and which has a really handy "stream to disk" feature which basically sends the measure to a .wav file that can then be looped by cut and paste without any other editing effort.

Also, "Burg" is now properly entitled "Spartanburg" and lyrics are just about finalized after two drafts. Lyrics have also been rewritten for a few of the Xmas tunes, including "Almost Like Another Day," "Essie the Aussie Swimdancer" and "Hamburger Xmas Eve," not just because they needed to be redone but also because I can't find the old original drafts. Completely new non-holiday lyrics I've also finished include "Metro 120" and "Just Saw Marni."

Wednesday, October 01, 2003


I'm productive again. Two songs are coming together, one a reworked original Christmas song called "Almost Like Another Day" and the other a completely new song that doesn't really have a title yet, just a working title, "Burg."

I still don't have true multitrack capability at the moment so I'm working around it. For these two and some other songs I basically recorded some drum loops from one computer onto cassette tape with dbx noise reduction ( too bad they don't make consumer decks with dbx anymore), then ran said tape through a mixer into the main music computer as I also played keyboard. Then I'll run a CD of that through again for another layer. I haven't operated this way in a very long time, since we were without a 4-track for a while back in '94 and '95 in Radio:Tahiti days, and that was how I operated through 1985 and mid-1986 before I got my first 4-track.

Sometime I need to just get a new computer as these old machines I'm using now aren't capable of running anything like Pro Tools or even the multitrack function of CoolEdit, but in the meantime I think the ingenuity is good for me.

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